LIS student and self-taught artist based in Malaysia.


Please refer to the Home page for art samples, or click here for more.If you're interested in a commission or have any inquiries, including commercial pricing, contact me through any of the socials linked below:

Rates per artwork 
Chibifrom $27 USD
Bustfrom $36 USD
Waist-upfrom $42 USD
Thigh-upfrom $54 USD
Fullbodyfrom $75 USD
Add-ons (refer below for pricing help) 
Additional character (2 max per artwork)$5 USD off each
Complex backgroundfrom $15 USD
Flat coloring only$10 USD off
Sketch only (B&W)50% off

How to calculate final pricing:
Base price + [base price (if applicable) ± add-on price] = final pricing
e.g $42 + $(42-5) = $79

Terms of Service

Amendments to the Terms may be made from time to time to ensure relevance of the Terms and efficiency of the Service. If the Client does not agree to the revised Terms, the Client has the right to disuse the Service as the sole remedy.
Click here to see the full Terms of Service.

  • All prices displayed are non-negotiable base prices and may be subject to additional charges/increment based on the complexity of the artwork.

  • The Artist reserves the right to decline or cancel the commission(s) within disclosed reasons.

  • (PayPal only) A Client who attempts at filing an unauthorized chargeback against the Artist shall be liable to retracting their rights to fair use of any commission and blacklisted from using the Artist's services.

  • It is the Client’s full responsibility to provide thoroughly-detailed reference material(s) of the subject matter as well as miscellaneous item(s) in order to produce highly-detailed artwork.

  • Production time for each commission will depend on the complexity of the artwork as well as the available time the Artist has.

  • Artwork will be drawn in no specific art style or theme unless specified.

  • The Artist may, if they deem it fit, assume artistic freedom over the artwork for stylistic choice and/or to compensate for the insufficient reference materials by simplifying or modifying certain aspects of the subject matter. However, this will not affect the overall appearance of the subject matter.

  • The Client will be given one major revision of the draft — should the first draft not meet the Client’s preferences — to specify as many corrections needed to be made before proceeding for further production. Any requests for further revisions after the revision has been finalised will be ignored.

  • All commissioned artworks are subject to copyright and are strictly intended for personal/fair use unless specified for commercial purposes.

  • Any attempts to infringe the artwork through unauthorized merchandise, machine learning datasets or cryptocurrency products/non-fungible tokens, shall be liable to retracting their rights and usage of any commissioned artworks and banned from using services offered by the Artist.

  • Completed commissions are no longer eligible for major revisions and are non-refundable.

What can I draw?

There are some things that are well beyond the scope of my artistic abilities. The following list is a general outline of what subjects I can and cannot include or draw in the artwork.
If you need further clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with me.

What I can/will drawWhat I cannot/will not draw
Original/fanmade charactersMiddle-aged/elderly characters
CouplesNSFW/suggestive/R18+ material
Mild gore/body horrorHeavy graphic imagery